Kellogg Garden Products: Gromulch
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NitrohumusKellogg Gromulch is one of the mostly widely used planting mixes in the Southwest, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s made with premium, fully composted ingredients—each with a specific purpose and perfectly blended to promote healthy plant growth, reduce weeds, and retain the perfect amount of moisture in your soil. To learn more about Kellogg Gromulch and our other beneficial gardening products, visit Kellogg Garden Products.

You can’t go wrong with premuim ingredients
Kellogg Gromulch contains all the ingredients that help plants thrive, making it well suited for shrubs, flowers, trees, and grass. This mixture is fortified with iron to help plants photosynthesize, nitrogen to keep leaves green, phosphorus to build roots that are strong and healthy, and potassium to fend off plant diseases. Humus also plays a big role in this beneficial mixture—encouraging plants to pull all the nutrients they need out of the soil. Kellogg Gromulch even helps your plants soak up sunshine!

Mix up some soil your plants are sure to love
Kellogg Gromulch creates the perfect place for plants to call home when mixed into existing soil. It’s specially formulated to maintain just the right amount of moisture for plants, while allowing water to drain at the ideal rate. Kellogg Gromulch is also great for softening hard, clay soil. Mixing in Kellogg Gromulch will loosen up that hard earth and make it livable for even the most picky plants, grass, shrubs, or trees.

How to use Kellogg Gromulch in your yard or garden
Use as a planting mix, soil conditioner, or mulch. When adding to existing planting beds or other areas—like new lawns—spread a two inch layer over the planting area and mix it into the soil to the depth of four to six inches. Add your plants and water thoroughly. Use as a mulch around trees, shrubs, and other plants to promote water conservation and to stifle any weeds that might be thinking about setting down roots. Simply spread a three inch layer of Kellogg Gromulch all around your plant—keeping three to six inches away from the tree trunk or the plant stem. Your plants will proudly wave their luscious green leaves and toss their radiant bright flowers when you give them Kellogg Gromulch.